General courses (as those in general secondary schools-gymnasiums):

  • Slovak Language and Literature;
  • Foreign languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian;
  • Mathematics,
  • Informatics,
  • History,
  • Ethics/Religious studies,
  • Physical Education;

Vocational courses:

  • Biology;
  • Psychology;
  • Sociology;
  • Pedagogy;
  • Economic Geography;
  • Theory and Methodology of Animation;
  • History and Theory of Culture;
  • Cultural Management;
  • Basics of Tourist Trade;
  • Administration and Correspondence;
  • Basics of Law and Economics
  • Applied Informatics;

Elective courses:

  • Photography and Video;
  • Playing the Musical Instrument;
  • Kinetic art;
  • Creative Dramatic Art;
  • Painting Techniques;
  • Tourist Trade Services

All the courses, except the foreign languages, are taught in Slovak. When applying for an exchange program it is recommended to take an intensive Slovak course (reaching at least the A1 level) before starting to study at CA&TS.

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