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Private Secondary Vocational School CA&TS is a school offering 4-years professional education in the field of “leisure time animator”, covering the subjects in the sectors of culture, art and tourism. The educational program ends with the “maturity exam”, which is the official and accredited diploma (maturitné vysvedčenie) issued by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic. This diploma allows the graduates to apply for the university studies.



CA&TS still belongs to a rather young and very small secondary schools in Slovakia, but it has quite a significant developing impact in the Horná Nitra Region. It was established in September 2007 by a founder PaedDr. Mgr. Danka Bátorová. The number of students has been constantly growing (from the original 18  to the current 98 students), but for assuring and maintaining the “family-like” environment every year only 25 new students are admitted. Each year teachers and their students prepare several interactive animation programs for diverse audience often with a great success. That can be measured by continually renewed invitations from the external institutions, such as hotel resorts, kindergartens, centers for elderly people or hospitals for preparing the animation programs for their clients.



The main reason for establishing the CA&TS was to provide a modern education in the field, which was missing in the Horná Nitra Region. In our understanding, to provide the modern education means:

  1. to provide an individual approach during the educational process;
  2. to assure that each students is led by the educational methods which fit the best to his/her capabilities and which enable him/her to learn the maxim he/she can (we DO NOT believe in the “one-fits-all” system) .
  3. to lead students:
    • to freedom and responsibility (“Only the one who can freely make decisions can be responsible for his/her actions”)
    • cooperation (“Only smart people who know how to cooperate can create a good society”)
    • openness (“With a hat in your hand and a word “Please”, one can travel around the world”)
    • happiness (“If someone is given a space for self-realization, he/she is not far a way from being happy”)

The professional education in the field of “leisure-time animator” is still a rather new and provided only in few secondary schools in Slovakia. In the Trenčín Higher Territorial Unit our school is the only one providing such specialization. In the technology oriented world, where sooner-or-later most of the technical work will be replaced by the robots, the education in humanities and people-to-people services, will be considered as a strong asset, which not everyone is able to provide. Skills and knowledge in how to talk and interact with different types of people, how to satisfy their needs, how to make them laugh, or how to make them relaxed (and at the same time, how to manage ones’ own business) that is what our school aims to offer.

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